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Dave's Tech Corner:
Two Stroke Cylinder Honing

How do we Hone a Motorcycle, ATV, Jetski, Snowmobile Cylinder?

Motorcycle Cylinder Honing is the finishing process used after the Machinist Bores the Motorcycle Cylinder. The Boring process will leave around .002 to .003 thousandths of an inch for a proper hone finish.

Using a rigid hone with multiple stone grits the Machinist will first Hone the Cylinder almost to size with medium grit Honing Stones.

Then the Machinist will finalize the size and Bore Finish with a Fine Grit Honing Stone and a 35 to 45 degree crosshatch.

This will give the Cylinder Bore a surface finish that provides a good life span with proper lubrication and oil consumption characteristics.

During the Honing Process the ports of a 2 stroke engine will need to be radiused to prevent damage to the rings.

As a result of Boring a Cylinder, the ports of 2 stroke engine will become sharp edged. The rings can catch this edge as the Piston goes up and down in the Bore.

So we will Radius or smooth this edge with a small Dentist Drill sized right angle Die Grinder with a fine Carbide Bit.

What is the difference between Glaze Breaking and Cylinder Honing?

Glaze Breaking is generally done with what is called a Ball Hone. It is used to give a new finish to a used cylinder in preparation for use with new rings.

Very little material will be removed from the cylinder as it is not possible to keep a cylinder straight or round with a ball hone.

Cylinder Honing is done with a Rigid Hone that will keep the cylinder round as you hone. This is the preferred method of cylinder finishing especially if you are sizing the cylinder in question. See also Cylinder Boring

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Let's Review the Cylinder Honing Procedure

  1. Bore the Cylinder to within.002 to .003 thousandths of an inch of desired final bore size.
  2. If 2 Stroke Cylinder then Radius or Smooth Port edges.
  3. Using medium grit honing stones, hone cylinder to less than .001 of desired final bore size.
  4. If 2 Stroke Cylinder then Ball Hone Cylinder in both Forward and Reverse to further smooth ports.
  5. Using Fine Grit Honing Stones, hone cylinder to final size with a crosshatch of 35 to 45 degrees using rigid hone.