Dave's Engine Machine - Machine work and performance machining for Motorcycles, ATV's, Snowmobile's and Jet Ski's


Dave's Engine & Machine

Engine Machine Work for Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles and Jet Skis in the Akron, Canton area.

Melissa shows Daves Engine Machinist Oven

Machinist Oven

Our Shop is equipped with a Professional Machinists Oven. Many cylinders have a replaceable sleeve. This type of cylinder needs to be heated up to remove the old sleeve and heated up again to install the new sleeve.

We also use the oven for press fit parts like Valve Guides and Valve Seats as well as other parts that require a press fit.

Use of an oven prevents galling you may get from pressing parts together on a Hydraulic Press.

At Dave's Engine and Machine, we have the machines, tools and expertise to perform many machining operations standard or custom for Motorcycle, ATV, Jetski and Snowmobiles at our shop.

Melissa Shows Metal Lathe

Custom Machine Work

Do you have any needs that require Custom Machine Work?

Do you need a custom one of a kind part for Machine Repair, Prototype, Restoration, Custom build project or a small production run of parts?

We have a Metal Lathe and Bridgeport Mill onsite that we use for custom machining and other advanced repairs and modifications for our customers.

Custom Machine Work with Bridgeport Mill

Services Not Listed

Talk to us about your specific needs. We can advise you on how best to complete your project.

At Dave's Engine and Machine, we consider ourselves a classic machine shop providing custom machining and metalwork.

Nothing makes Dave happier than for a customer to bring a problem part in the door that he can then provide a solution for.

Below is a list or our Machine Shop Services. If you don't see a service that you require please give us a call, maybe we can still help you.

Dave's Machine has the expertise, machines and tools to perform many machining operations. We will provide you with quick service and reasonable prices. Below is a basic list of common procedures that we provide on a regular basis.

Common Machine Shop & Repair Services

Two Stroke Boring and Honing Cylinder Block O-Ringing
Four Stroke Boring and Honing Cylinder Sleeve Machining
Standard 3 Angle Valve Job Port and Polish
Performance 3 Angle Valve Job Piston Ring Filing
Bead Blasting Thread Repair
Cylinder Head Resurfacing Custom Lathe Work
Cylinder Block Resurfacing Custom Bridgeport Mill Work
Degreasing Counter Boring
Big Bore Kit Machining Call For Services Not Listed Here